Best Campus – Talking about food problems is endless, ranging from food in Indonesia to the world. For us Indonesians, of course, it is no stranger to various types of food that always accompany us every day. And, one of the foods that can not be separated from us is rice, has not been said food if you have not eaten rice, that’s how people say.

However, the food is not only limited to those in Indonesia. If you observe, typical Indonesian food has a lot of food, how about food from all over the world huh? Of course it’s more and we don’t know how many there are.

Among the many foods in this world, there are some that enter the most delicious food. In fact, one of them comes from Indonesia. Curious? Here are the most delicious foods in the world that you need to try.

Rendang – Food that comes from Padang and is made from meat is certainly familiar to you. Well, it turns out that this rendang entered into the most delicious food in the world you know. If we as Indonesians may have been ordinary yes, but for people abroad, it turns out that rendang has a rich taste, certainly from the spices used as spices.

In fact, in 2011, rendang became the number one most delicious food in the world. Well, maybe thanks to the predicate, rendang in padang stalls will be an invasion of foreign tourists yes. But, obviously the price of rendang remains the same, not cheaper of course. Neapolitan

The next delicious food is Neapolitan pizza, originally from Italy. This pizza is not what is often in Indonesia. The pizza is quite as cool as it is, even just impressed like that. Without a wah topping or fancy complement.

Neapolitan pizza is a simple pizza with ketchup toppings and mozarella cheese only. Although only topping something that is only as small, but this type of pizza can make it as one of the most delicious foods in the world.

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To make it, you only need a simple material. Simply make the dough for his pizza bread, then other ingredients such as tomatoes, olive oil, basil leaves, mozarella cheese, and salt. Interested in making it? You can try to make your own at home, but, the taste of the cuisine also depends on the cook.

Sushi is a food that comes from Japan. Not only in his home country, but food that has a shape like dismembered lempers also has fans from various parts of the world. The easiest example of course in Indonesia, you will find a variety of Japanese restaurants that serve this menu.

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